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  • Aunty’s tales

    Aunty’s tales: tales from our aunty Amelia, remembering when she was a child, free in the countryside where now we run the agriturismo Le Capanne.   Go to “change” the goat   “It was the work of the little ones, it simply meant: change the place of the goat, move her from where she is […]

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  • We are a “Human Destination”

    On a sunny day in late summer, Le Capanne and “Human Destination” got to know each other. The meeting of two different families united by a similar passion. Find out more in Silvia’s story.    

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  • The new Web-Site of “Le Capanne” is on-line

    Dear Friends, present and future, near and far, we are delighted to inform you that the new web-site of the agriturismo Le Capanne is now on-line. It has been a long and meticulous job, evolving step by step, idea by idea. We’d like to thank the vivisostenibile.net team that has professionally designed our web platform. Special […]

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  • “SOS Sustainability'”: chip in!

    SOS Sustainability There’s a lot of talk about it, sometimes with knowledge of the facts, more often superficial. You’ll find it mentioned in the documents of the largest banks and the ethical manifestoes of the smallest associations. There are some who follow it, those who believe in it, those who mock it and those who […]

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