Le Capanne

Sustainable Agritourism


At the Le Capanne organic farm we are joyfully committed to harmonising our life with Nature and treading as lightly as possible in an “ecological journey” that is developing step by step. We try to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing consumption, reusing, recycling and valuing quality over quantity. We share this attitude with our guests, most of whom have become friends during the nearly thirty years of hospitality in our family’s house since it was renovated as an agriturismo.


Olio e creme 2021

Organic Farming

We practise organic farming. We produce organic extra-virgin olive oil and eco-bio cosmetics. This is our contribution to protection of the environment and enhancement of the land.

We welcome our guests with an organic welcome basket with organic products. This is our contribution to support sustainable  practices.


Sustainable furniture

Our guests can relax in apartments furnished with our great-grandparents’ restored furniture, with its own character and charm. This is our contribution to promote reuse instead of new consumption, to avoid waste.


Economically and technologically sustainable

We have chosen a renewable energy supplier and the apartments are lit with LED bulbs. This is our contribution to saving energy. We have installed flow reducers to the taps. This is our contribution to saving water.

Our web site is hosted on an eco-friendly web hosting provider. We have created some “eco-options”. This is our contribution to make travelling more sustainable, both ecologically and economically.


The Le Capanne agriturismo was originally our great grandparents’ traditional stone farmhouse. The agriturismo contains only three apartments (Maria, Amelia, Andreina) to ensure a comfortable and exclusive holiday. They are fully furnished and each has a fireplace, satellite TV, private outside space and self-contained entrance


We are setting up a small “farming museum” with a collection of farming and domestic implements that tell the story of country life in Tuscany over the last century. This is our contribution to preserve and hand down our traditions.


At Le Capanne agriturismo you can deeply inhale the peace offered by Nature. It may not be luxurious here, but there is simple comfort for your health and wellbeing: aromas, landscapes, sounds, tranquillity. Hopefully they will help you reconnect with your inner rhythm and rediscover true wellbeing.