Le Capanne

Springtime Celebration

1 February 2017

Springtime Celebration

“Discover the Real You in the Real Italian Countryside”

Walks, Talks and Creative Activities

1st-5th May 2017


A five day residential workshop to help us to rethink our connection with nature and to adopt a gentle, reflective relationship with it.

Gentle walks will allow us to explore the countryside as Spring unfolds around us.

Creative activities will encourage us to engage with nature at a deeper level.

Stimulating workshops, presentations and discussions will encourage us to connect with the natural world and understand our place in it.

Through the week, participants will be encouraged to record their responses to the landscape of Le Capanne in the form of a reflective journal. To this end there will be opportunities to explore various creative techniques throughout the week.

The workshop will be led by Mike Hunter, who combines his work as a garden designer with teaching and outdoor education. Mike is a firm believer in the benefits of natural landscapes for our general wellbeing. Assisting Mike will be Charlie Hedley, photographer. As well as documenting the week’s activities, Charlie will be on hand to help participants respond to the landscape through photography.

Find out more at www.springtimeintuscany.com

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