Le Capanne

Who We Are

We are one family with three generations…

several animals and many olive trees tucked away in the Tuscan hills. Each of us has his or her own personality but we all have in common the same deep love and respect for the Earth.

For the traveller who, apart from resting and relaxing in Nature, is interested in finding out more about what lies behind a comfortable apartment or a clean swimming-pool…we offer to share our history of varied voices: from those of the grandparents, which tell of a life of hard but gratifying work in the fields, to that of the granddaughter trying to combine her life as an academic researcher on sustainability, with the ancestral calling to Nature.



Maria,  the wise grandmother grown according to the rhythm of Nature. She speaks only Italian, but her expressive hands and eyes speak on her behalf.


Andreina, she takes care of all the complex bureaucracy which a farm, although small, entails. When she is not busy with business paperwork, she immerses herself fully in painting, as evidenced by the many canvases in your apartment.


Amelia, she is the “organising soul” of the family, we rely on her for every practical necessity and she always has the right solution.


Renato, the only male in a family entirely composed of females (including the cat) with all that this implies…he is always ready to enjoy a hot coffee in company.


Francesca, in love with Nature, committed to combining country life at Le Capanne with her research in environmental law at the University of Siena.

Questioning chicken

La gatta,  the lazy cat that you might see lying in the sun.
The pigeons and the white doves, flying all around.
The hens, always waiting for our guests to throw them vegetables and fruit leftovers (everything is recycled here ☺).